macrobiotic eating is a dietetic consultancy founded by Carla Chait, a registered dietician and macrobiotic practitioner in Johannesburg, South Africa. The macrobiotic dietary approach is based on the relative tendencies of yin and yang, emphasising more centrally-balanced whole grains, vegetables, beans and seaweed as dietary staples.

In addition to being a registered dietician, Carla has completed macrobiotic training through the Kushi Institute and Strengthening Health Institute. She is interested in the biological and ideological, ethical and environmental considerations of a whole food plant-based diet.

Macrobiotic teachings are based on a deep appreciation of the fluidity of life: health can become sickness and sickness can become health, loss can change to gain, difficulty can become ease, and weakness can turn to strength. Life means to exist and to perpetuate itself; falling ill and struggling is the anomaly. The greatest joy is in transforming our situation.

Inspired by these principles, her therapeutic approach is generous, compassionate and engaged.